Customer Examples

Over the years Bell Technologies has developed a fine reputation amongst its enviable clientele which spans many sectors of commerce. Those noted below are but a small selection and we would like to thank them all for allowing us to highlight our relationships.

Benares Restaurant – Mayfair, London

At Atul Kochar’s Michelin Starred restaurant, Benares, in Mayfair our service bells are used to provide direct communication between diners on the “Chef’s Table” and the Chef and also to facilitate wine orders

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Royds House – Yorkshire

Bell technologies designed a new wireless system for Royds House to replace had an old, wired, service bell system that had become unusable.

We were careful to maintain the look of the old system by building the technology into specially made enclosures which replicated the style of the existing “bell pulls”.

We also designed an interface to enable the original kitchen indicator panel to be brought back into service as part of the new, eight room, system.

The Caledonian Club – Belgravia, London

The Caledonian Club also had an old, wired, service bell system that was no longer operational. The club were very keen for the new bells to look, as near as possible, identical to the old so an old faceplate was used as a pattern for the design of the new ones and traditional brass bell pushes sourced.

A new bell can be seen to the left of the fireplace in the picture of the Morrison Room above.

The system links the club’s fifteen function rooms with the appropriate banqueting and bar staff.

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Shaikh Saeed Mubarak Bahwan - Muscat – Oman

We began working with the Shaikh some six years ago. The original requirement was to enable an elderly relative to call on servants for assistance, even when the staff in question were in their quarters in a remote building. The system was so successful that a second was ordered for Mr Bahwan’s personal use and a number of further systems have since been provided for his other residences.

Brooks’s - London

Brooks's, one of the oldest Private Members Clubs in St James’s were keen to retain their old, electro-mechanical, "dolls-eye" bell system as an important part of the history of the club. In 2010 Bell Technologies supplied additional wireless call points for the various function rooms and upgraded the old dolls-eye system with a paging interface to enable both old and new elements of the system to work seamlessly together.

We also integrated a general paging system into the solution which provides discrete communication between key staff members around the building. This has recently been upgraded to facilitate message paging from LAN connected PCs.

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West Group executive suit – Jeddah – Saudi Arabia

West Group Logistics Ports Services Holdings is one of the largest companies operating in the free zones, container handling and land & maritime transport in Saudi Arabia and employs over 600 people, The company is based in Jeddah with branches in Riyadh, Dammam, Jubail, khober and Dubai.

For the Executive suite at West Group we provided fourteen four button service bells. These provide instant communication between the offices of key Directors, meeting rooms and visitor areas directly to the appropriate support staff, ensuring smooth and efficient day to day operations and an excellent experience for visiting clients.

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Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre – Birmingham

Woodbrooke is housed in beautiful surroundings of George Cadbury’s former home. In 2002 we supplied a system comprising three “personal alarms” and two fixed bathroom assistance call points.

It was expanded in 2015 with a call point in the lift and two doorbell to paging links to facilitate out of hours access. It has been further extended in 2016 with a connection to the Fire panel which allows remote monitoring of alarm status.

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