About us

John Wright and Mike Sinfield are the Directors of Bell Technologies. They met in the mid 1980s while working for IBM and between them have over thirty years of experience of these systems.

Outside of business Mike is a lifelong “foodie” and excellent cook who enjoys a game of badminton. John keeps bees and is a keen motorcyclist.


Since 1994 Bell Technologies has provided innovative, technology-based solutions to many exclusive London private members’ clubs, to some of the finest hotels and to a number of prestigious Executive office and corporate fine-dining suites in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

Our exclusive customer portfolio has been built on a year on year commitment to quality and customer service.

As a consequence of this consistency and continuity we are very proud to say that many of our customers from our early years are still with us.

In recent times we have been approached by a number of high net-worth individuals, often with connections to our corporate clients, to provide similar systems for their residences.


We have no “standard product”. What we have is a set of skills and capabilities and a network of trusted suppliers. We combine these to tailor a system precisely to your requirements. No requirement is too large or too small, be it a single room or a whole estate. We will be happy to discuss your needs and develop the right solution for you.

Every element of a Bell Technologies system is based on your personal preferences, designed to meet the specific needs of your household and to fit with the décor and style of your home.

Most of our work is in “traditional” surroundings where more ornate designs in oak, mahogany and walnut are the order of the day but we are equally comfortable in more modern scenarios where simpler shapes with the lighter tones of beech, ash and maple are preferred.

From the type and finish of the wood to every detail of design, appearance and operation.

Just talk over your needs with us and we will do the rest.


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Call us on 0844 66 00 222 or email us at info@butler-call.co.uk