Other Domestic Applications

In a Great House there may be many other situations where instant communication between the Householder and the Estate Manager and/or Butler and other private staff will be beneficial, or indeed essential.

Examples may be:


Calling a Housekeeper / House Manager or Personal Assistant to the admin office or perhaps to a private study.


Communication with Chef can be particularly important, particularly where total discretion is required over dinner. A service bell will inform chef when waiting staff may be admitted to serve the next course.


Summoning a Nanny / Mothers Help or Tutor to assist with the children.


Or perhaps you may wish to call a Chauffeur to ready a vehicle or a Keeper to the gun room.

Of course there are other, non-personal, types of communication that we can also provide. For example:

  • Gate and door monitoring

  • Remote gate and door bells

  • Assistance points

  • Fire panel alerts

  • Remote alarms


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